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AutoShip: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for AutoShip?

•    You can enroll in AutoShip by clicking on the AutoShip option on a product page, in the cart or during checkout.

•    Once you're ready to checkout, click "Proceed to Checkout."

•    Select the pet or horse that the product is for.

•    Choose the frequency for your AutoShip order (ex. every 4 weeks).

•    Once your product is on AutoShip, you won't have to worry about running out of that product again!


How do I update or change my AutoShip order?

•    You can make updates to your AutoShip order at any time in your account. You can change your next order date or the frequency of your orders.

•    Click My Account > Manage AutoShip > Click EDIT next to the order you wish to update.

•    Make your changes and then click SAVE.


Why should I use AutoShip?

•    Receive discounts on certain products by enrolling in AutoShip.

•    Receive Free Shipping on most products with AutoShip.

•    Your order will be delivered to your door when you need it.

•    Vets First Choice will never set up an AutoShip without your permission.

•    If you are questioning an AutoShip order, we can check the origin of your AutoShip order to see who placed the initial order.

•    You can pause your AutoShip order to skip your next shipment and then reactivate your order when you are ready to receive it.

•    You can cancel at any time without any fees.


What if my AutoShip order is a prescription requiring refills from my veterinarian?

Your AutoShipment will still be placed and we will contact your clinic for a prescription at that time if refills are needed from your veterinarian. If your veterinarian denies the refill request you will be notified via email; your credit card will not be charged and the product will not ship. Your AutoShip frequency will remain the same and your next recurring shipment will be ordered on the date shown in your account. 


How will I be charged for my AutoShip orders?

Your credit card will be automatically charged each time your AutoShip order is placed, which is based on the frequency you set in your Account. You can update the credit card on file by visiting My Account > Account Settings > Saved Credit Cards

Manufacturer prices are subject to change, and we will make every attempt to notify you if your product has drastically increased in price. We advise you to check your online account for any recent price updates when you receive your reminder email 7 days before your order is placed.